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  • According to the US Census,
    women of color will be the
    majority of all women in the
    United States by 2060.
  • Black American women are
    making significant strides in
    their education, health and
    workplace, in spite of racial
    and ethnic disparities.
  • College graduation rates
    and entrepreneurship
    continue to rise; yet earnings
    and net wealth still lag behind.
  • SistersNBloom offers leadership
    tools and resources specifically
    targeted to grow diverse female
    leaders. We see you Sis!


We are founded on the belief that every woman is uniquely beautiful from the inside out. We recognize the importance of removing barriers that prevent women from functioning in their full potential personally or professionally. We are strong advocates for inspiring women to discover and live out their full potential.


Our foundation's mission is dedicated to inspiring confidence and building self-esteem. Our program provides education and scholarships to encourage women and girls to empower their passion and purpose, define their platform, expression of self and make a difference.


NBloom is a women’s leadership program that recognizes the importance of removing the barriers that prevent women from utilizing their full potential. Our women’s leadership program serves as an exemplary talent development program targeting high-impact women across different fields and sectors. We provide the skills and resources necessary for women to avoid falling through the gaps.


With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to support women's empowerment initiatives. Advocacy is something that we take very seriously, and our team dedicated to making a positive impact.